Bank Holidays

There are so many bank holidays this year!

As we like to honour our staff and volunteers as well as members, we will be closed for all bank holidays this year. Please be sure to book your sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays of bank holiday weeks.

Thank you!


Although still predominantly offering support to people with MS, our open minded approach, backed in some cases by international research and study has led us to open our doors to people with a wider range of conditions. The Centre offers High Dosage Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Physiotherapy, Reflexology, Massage, a range of accessible exercise equipment, advice and information on various topics. A mix and match approach to therapies has helped many people to manage their symptoms and improve their quality of life.

Opening Hours

We are currently open on Monday 10.00-17.30, Tuesday 08.00-14.00 & Thursday 10.00-17.30. 

Conditions which may benefit from hyperbaric oxygen therapy

        • Multiple Sclerosis
        • Fibromyalgia
        • Stroke
        • Sports Injury
        • Parkinson's
  • Epilepsy
  • Autism
  • Cancer
  • Long Covid
  • CFS/ME
  • And many more

Coronavirus Information

Masks are now optional in our Centre. Due to the vulnerable nature of our members' conditions, please DO NOT ATTEND if you are feeling unwell in any way. If you have travelled anywhere abroad, please DO NOT ATTEND our Centre for a minimum of two weeks following your trip to ensure that you have not contracted the virus. Thank you.

To ensure the safety of our members', staff and volunteers, we have implemented strict hygiene controls and equipment included sterilising station for oxygen masks, two air filtration units using HEPA filtration and UV to 'clean' the air, a large UV machine to sterilise the chambers after each session and a medical grade drying cabinet to ensure masks are thoroughly dried before next use. Our flooring has been replaced with high-grade non-slip vinyl for easing mopping, and our chairs have been replaced with antimicrobial covered wipe-clean chairs. Just in case we've missed a bit, there is hand sanitiser everywhere!

One member recently reported that he feels safer here than in his own home so give us a ring & book a session!


We have started to see a number of people with Long Covid coming to us and the majority are reporting positive things from using our hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Give us a call now and we can talk you through the process of starting sessions as soon as possible.

Telephone: 0115 950 5991