Trial Session Information

Why do I need a trial session?

The purpose of a trial session is to ensure that you are okay inside the closed chamber and with the pressure on your ears. The trial sessions are run at our lowest pressure of 1.5ata (equiv to 16.5' under seawater), and are for half the duration of a normal session. We won't let anyone book a full session without first completing a trial session successfully (unless under exceptional circumstances). Our trial sessions run on a Monday at 15.45 and Thursday at 14.00. Please indicate your preference below.

Request for trial session of hyperbaric oxygen therapy

What happens next?

After we receive your email with all details requested, we will check to make sure that it's safe for you to receive hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Then we will be in touch to offer you an appointment. It is vital that you attend by the time given as we have to ensure the chamber goes to pressure at the correct time so as not to delay the schedule for the day. If you are too late, we will offer you an alternative day/time.