Trial Session Information

Why do I need a trial session?

The purpose of a trial session is to ensure that you are okay inside the closed chamber and with the pressure on your ears. The trial sessions are run at our lowest pressure of 1.5ata (equiv to 16.5' under seawater), and are for half the duration of a normal session. We won't let anyone book a full session without first completing a trial session successfully (unless under exceptional circumstances). Our trial sessions run on a Monday at 15.45 and Thursday at 14.00. Please indicate your preference below.

Request for trial session of hyperbaric oxygen therapy

What happens next?

This form gives us basic contact information to ensure we can move forward. On receipt of this contact form, we will send you a self-referral form to complete. Please make sure to fill out all information, about all conditions and medication even if they are not the ones that you are seeking HBOT for as some may present a problem.

On receipt, we will check to see whether HBOT is suitable for you and offer you a free trial session or explain why it's not suitable for you.

It is vital that you attend by the time given as we have to ensure the chamber goes to pressure at the correct time so as not to delay the schedule for the day. If you are too late, we will offer you an alternative day/time.  

If you complete the trial session successfully, we will guide you through the process of becoming a member of our charity and agree a protocol suitable for your condition. After you've joined and started your sessions, our Health & Wellbeing Coordinator will be in touch to arrange an initial assessment to discuss your needs and how we might help you further. This is a safe space that members find extremely beneficial. At some point you will be sent a form called the Chalder Fatigue scale. We use these routinely to monitor progress so please complete it as soon as possible.